Winter preparations

Jack Pattison in his shopJack Pattison in his shop

Jack Pattison is a young entrepreneur and DIY specialist who is helping people in the community prepare for the cold snap ahead. Amy Baines talks to him about building up a trade with local people looking for a more personal service.

Jack's DIY Store, located on Chigwell Road at the junction with George Lane, has been open since March and local lad Jack Pattison, 25, is keen to build his business upon the foundations of customer care.

With the winter weather on its way, Jack is already stocking typical winter items such as coal, salt, kindling wood, heaters, gas, de-icer and snow shovels, but he will also be offering a more personal service to those people who perhaps can't come out to stock up on their own.

"There are many elderly or less able residents in the community who will really suffer in the cold weather, and with ice and snow it's difficult for them to leave their homes. If these people order goods from us we will deliver to their door to save them the hassle" explains Jack.

Florence Waller, 80, lives in Wanstead and is one of the elderly customers who has already benefited from this personal service. She said: "I'm all for supporting local businesses like this. You just don't get the friendly service like that anymore when you go to the bigger stores."

"If Jack didn't offer to help me out like he did in the shop with supplies for winter and helping me choose the right things and then delivering them to my home, I would never have been able to do it on my own. I think it's really commendable what they are doing and they will get my custom every time from now on."

Jack continued: "I love the area and want to stay here and raise a family. Wanstead has a real community. I have a lot of experience of working in this trade and can offer a much more personal service compared to the big chain stores. I have time for my customers and you will see the same staff faces here in my shop each time you come."

Jack's shop was a hardware store in a former life and he is pleased to put something back that was previously such a popular landmark in the area.

"There are no other shops like mine around here. I stock everything from general hardware and DIY needs to building supplies – it's nice to know that the shop is living up to its former glory from more than 30 years ago," adds Jack.

"I hope local people will support me as a local resident and a local business and come and see what the shop has to offer."

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